Kamis, 14 Juli 2011

I'm not Religious but the Godless #2

I just wanted to tell me of my anxiety, especially anxiety about the religious life in my country Indonesia. Religious life in Indonesia in recent years, much damaged by several groups that will bring all interest groups, whether political interests, identities and interests of others alone. Damage which I think is very impact at all on our lives, especially the religious life. For example in case of attacks on religious organizations by other religious organizations.
In addition there is one thing that I think is also important to criticize.  In my country, everyone should have religion in accordance with their beliefs,  but there are only six recognized religions. People on the identity card did not fill their religion will be illegal here. The government has a special department also takes care of religious matters. Is when people of religion should be regulated by the state? It was not religion that is everyone's right? Is their religion by force?

Waos Sedoyo,Baca Selengkapnya,

I'm not Religious but the Godless #1

I think religion is the term, this term is possible because humans need order in their lives. In some research I did this religion aims to make life more orderly. But what if religion is now no longer in control of humans who follow this tradition for religion?

Waos Sedoyo,Baca Selengkapnya,

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